Livadia Palace is a splendid pearl of Crimea. This is the place, which has inspired artists, composers and poets. This is the place which, like by magic attracts travellers from all over the world. The palace was built in XIX century. It is surrounded by picturesque park, lovely porches which go down the Mogabi Hill. The architectural ensemble of the palace includes different styles: quite evident Byzantine, Oriental and even Gothic motifs. The palace itself consists of 58 rooms, each of which is inimitable and has its own interior. The main entrance is decorated with white-blue marble colons with skillful artistic carving. Nowadays the rooms serve as museum piece: furniture and interior items from the time of Tzar Nikolay II are preserved. You can even see a children room, where pictures and clothes of Tzar’s daughters are preserved as well.

But the event that burned the palace into the pages of history happened at the beginning of 1945. The Yalta conference took place here, and leaders of USSR, USA, and UK discussed politics in a post-WWII world. The Livadia Palace temporarily served as Franklin Roosevelt’s quarters.

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