Nearest and the most exciting festivals of Lvov

It is not for the first time that Lvov confirms its status of the cultural capital of Ukraine, the heart of artistic, musical and theatrical art in Ukraine. Without ceasing to fascinate local citizens and numerous visitors of the city, Lvov has the following events that will occur in the near future:

Alfa Jazz Festival

Alfa Jazz Festival is Jazz Festival of international scale in Lvov and has already started today. Best of the best jazz musicians in the world participate in it. Each time the festival gives the city and its residents unforgettable notes of music and wonderful spirits. In 2012 Alfa Jazz Festival attracted more than 20,000 people and has been highly acclaimed by musicians, journalists, critics, and fans of jazz. This year's festival is expected to be more extensive and more vivid.

When: June 13-16

Lvov on the plate

It is the grand gastronomic festival which presents the Lvov as the gastronomic capital of Ukraine. The festival will feature restaurateurs of the city, offering to try their delicious dishes and drinks. Owners of cafes, coffee shops and restaurants will be able to make a special atmosphere of their establishments to the streets of the city! The festival "Lvov on the plate" presents a wealth of Lvov cuisine. The program of the festival includes a gala dinner, a fair presentation, rich music program.

When: June 28 – 30

Leopolis Grand Prix

Leopolis Grand Prix – retro cars festival. Initially in 1830 such races were held on the most complicated rout in Europe, which was made of paving stone and had significant rises. At that time Leopolis Grand Prix was supported by Grand Prix Monaco and teams from entire Europe took part in the races. Later Leopolis Grand Prix was closed because of economic and political crisis. Only two years ago it was reopen by joint efforts of Ukrainian and Polish amateur racing. This year it is expected to see retro cars show, retro cars races, parades and a lot of exciting and amazing impressions. If you visit Ukraine at this time, don’t deprive yourself of the possibility to be transferred into magical past.

When: June 20-23

Night in Lvov

Theatrical performances that make the blood rush in the veins, the atmosphere of unknown, unusual and overwhelming - all this and many other the residents and visitors of the festival will be able to experience while visiting the festival "Night in Lvov." Starting from 22.00 to 3.00, visitors will be able to take part in excursions of a hundred of different free of charge attractions, like visiting the cellars of the city, the cemetery, watch concerts and spectacular views of the theater. More than 7000 visitors are expected. Thrills are guaranteed.

When: July 12-14

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