Picturesque parks of the largest industrial region of Ukraine

Donetsk is the largest industrial center of Ukraine, owing to a generous gift of nature - black coal. But despite the high level of industrial development of the industry, Donetsk has beautiful parks that are fascinating and allow you to relax…

Thus, the most picturesque and unique parks of Donetsk are:

Forged Figures Park

It’s a unique park in whole Europe! All the sculptures of the park are made of forged metal by skillful hands of experienced blacksmiths from all regions of Ukraine. Exhibits of the collection increased from 10 to 150. This is the very park which keeps the famous Palm of Mertsalova, which won the first prize at the World Industrial Exhibition in Paris. Mertsalova’s Palm is an amazing sculpture in the form of a palm tree that is forged from a single steel rail at the end of the XIX century by a blacksmith Mertsalov. Its original is kept in the Museum of Mining Institute in St.-Petersburg, and the copies are set up in Kiev, Lvov, Crimea, Moscow, Hanover, Ottawa. Mertsalova’s Palm is the symbol of the revival of Ukraine as an independent and powerful industrial state.

Donetsk Botanical Garden

Donetsk Botanical Garden of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is one of the largest botanical gardens in Europe, a handmade green treasure of the industrial city. It is here in the Donetsk Botanical Garden new direction was established - industrial botany (area of biology that studies the relationship between a green plant with an industrial environment). All the necessary investigations are carried out using all of the latest achievements of biology. Exchange of seeds, plants, and literature is held with 32 countries of the world.

Boulevard of A.S. Pushkin

Boulevard of A.S. Pushkin is named in honor of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. Surrounded by greenery and filled with the melodious singing of birds, the boulevard of A.S. Pushkin is always crowded with vacationers and tourists. Beautiful fountains, neat benches for tourists and lined pathes with stone blocks, the group of sculptures related to the history of the city – all these create the atmosphere of relief and bring a lot of pleasure to visitors of the park.

Park of Culture and Leisure named after A.S. Shcherbakov

Park of Culture and Leisure named after A.S. Shcherbakov is a great place to stay either for residents or for tourists. It is built on the shoreline of interconnected ponds. Most of the landscape compositions are open towards the water area of the city. To the celebration of the Day of the City and the Miner's Day in the park "Kind Angel of Peace" was established - gold figure of an angel with a dove in his hands. Last year the park of culture and rest named after A.S. Shcherbakov was the first to have received a prestigious international award "Golden Pony" by the publishing house FACTO EDIZIONI (Italy) for their achievements in the sphere of entertainment, educational activities and international cooperation.

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