Rope jumping: Kachi Kalon

Kachi Kalon is a cave complex, located in 5 km from Bakhchisaray. This is a kind of rest for all those who want some extreme and new impressions. It is available to everyone to jump in Kachi Kalon without the prior training. In your free time you can visit the cave town “Kachi-Kalon”, ride quad biking, take a fascinating trip on horseback, climb on the top of the mountain or conquer mountain hills on bicycles.

How to get there: go by bus from the Bakhchisarai bus station in the direction of the village Sinapnoe to the bus stop in the village Preduschelnoe or Bashtanovka.

Where to stay: you can spend the night on the meadows under the Fourth Grotto. You can stay in the village, or in Bakhchisarai in a camp “Pryval” or in private mini-hotels.

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