St. Martin’s Day in Mukachevo

Start 2013.11.09 - End 2013.11.11 Uzhgorod, City central square

Mukachevo will celebrate St. Martin’s Day from 9 to 11 of November. St. Martin's Day is celebrated around the world in November 11. In 2013, the holiday falls on Monday, so it is decided to start the celebrations in Mukachevo 2 days earlier from Monday. On this day, the celebration starts as well as social events.

The climax of celebrations for the Day of St. Martin’s is planned on Sunday. All children will march with torches through downtown. Theatrical performance is also planned, which retell the legend of St. Martin. Monday is defined as a day of worship in the churches of the city. A novelty of this Day of St. Martin in Mukachevo may be the record number of sky lanterns seen over the city.

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