St. Nicholas Day 2013

Start 2013.12.19 - End 2013.12.19 Kiev, Uzhhorod,Kamianetsk-Podilskyi

In Kiev, St. Nicholas Day is mostly celebrated in the ethnographic complexes, or in the Carpathians in the manor of St. Nicholas not far from Kosovo. The main children’s holiday is celebrated in Kyiv and other cities. The main Christmas tree of the country will be lighted on Maidan Nezalezhnosti on December 19. Also ther will be also the main fair of the country on the eve of St. Nicholas Day 2013 on Khreschatyk Street in Kyiv. The funny children’s program is also planned to be there.

An official residence of St. Nicholas is located in the ethnographic complex “Mamaev Sloboda” for several years in Kyiv. Children may send letters to the good saint with requests for gifts for the holiday. A traditional parade and the lighting of the city’s Christmas tree will be held in Uzhhorod in December 19.  The residence of Santa Claus will be opening in Kamianetsk-Podilsk in December 19. The residence of St Nicholas receives thousands of children’s letters every year and neither letter remains unanswered. 

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