Summer in Ukraine: head for Azov

Despite the popularity of the Black Sea resorts, many tourists from Ukraine and abroad prefer the warm sea of ​​Azov. Recreation on the Azov Sea will become a primary for the lovers of extreme conditions and those who wish to escape from the city on the sparsely populated beaches.

1. "Wild" Berdyansk Spit

Here you can feel the fullness of freedom, living in camping or in tents right on the beach. But if you are still not ready to give up the creature comforts there many recreational centers and resorts along the beach strip.

Cost: the private sector - 60 UAH. per person per night, cottages - from 150 UAH. per night

2. Picturesque Kirilovka

This small village is surrounded by greenery and flowers, and the rest is suitable for both the youth company and for family holidays. The main distinguishing feature of Kirilovka is its clean beaches.

Cost: from 50 UAH per person per night

3. Popular Arbatnaya arrow

The popularity of this Azov resort depends on almost 100 km of beaches with up-to-date infrastructure, as well as a huge choice of accommodation for those who know a lot about comfort. In addition, sightseeing tourism is available here: many travel agencies offer tours to nearby cities, national parks, water parks, on ostrich farms and thermal springs.

Cost: the private sector - from 30 UAH per person per night, comfortable cottages - from 100 UAH per person

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