Visit cards of Odessa:Top 7 old-fashioned backyards of the city

Unusual urban yards have become one of the «visit cards «of Odessa. Many tourists come specifically to Odessa to wander through its streets and experience the local flavor.

They heard about the legendary Moldavanka, a flea market in the area of  Starokon market and planed in advance their rout. Despite the extensive development in the city one can still find a few dozens of these courtyards, which "have seen a lot".

Here is a list of Odessa’s colorful charm.

Workshop Street (Serov str., 13)

The house is located in the historic part of the city, near the area Moldavanka . In the late 1700s, this part of town was a separate settlement, consisting of two dozen houses. But in 1820 the area annexed to the city. It was an area of workers and industrial utilities.Due to this fact, there are many old one – two-storey buildings. Some of them look more like barracks than houses. Yards in Moldavanka present grassy surroundings with numerous stone outbuildings, small front gardens and dilapidated fences.

In general, if you want to see how small workers, shoemakers, sellers, owners of poor shops lived in the last century, this place is best for you.

Vorontsov lane, between the palace and the a wall-house

A small street in the center of the city still retains its original appearance. Right there is the so-called «flat house «№ 4, the effect of which is known to the whole world. But the special backyards are located a little further from the wall -house. If you turn to the left at the end of the street and pass along the yard, you can go to the house, which is located literally on the wall. Exits to the small flower- beds-yards lead to the descent of the Military descent and Teschin Bridge.

The Degtiarnaya (look between Lev Tolstoy square and Lutheran lane )

The street is located in the immediate vicinity to the city center. Despite this, thebackyards  are still keeping the flavor of Odessa , thus delighting tourists and photographers. Here you can see the low houses of the last century with traditional drying clothes, things handed down on the street and small front gardens.

Near Privoz

It is already difficult to find typical backyard in Privoz. Houses are destroying. On their places appear block of flats and shopping centers. If you move to the side of Myasoedovskaya Street, the Bulgarian landscape will recall you the good old Odessa.

Patchwork-backyard (Uspenskaya str.,42)

Residents have decided on their own to make their backyard beautiful.

The area near the house on Uspenskaya street is a work of art. IT was decorated by artists. Boring walls were covered with intricate designs, and one of the walls is covered with looking black-and- white portraits. In the light of the day they are fit harmoniously into the exterior. In general, each wall is decorated in its own, unique style.

Creative residents also brought some soil into the yard and arranged the flower beds. Around them there are benches and litter-bins which are made from stumps.  If there are no stars on the evening sky, do not worry. Residents have hung their own stars.

Pink Backyard (Nizhyns'ka Street 30 , apartment house Michelson – Shcherbakov)

The house is also located almost in the center of the city. From the street side the does not stand out from the architectural picture. However, if you will go to the front door one can be seen almost perfectly preserved building. Architect Leo Vlodek designed the house in the shape of draw-well with statues on the front wall. Also, the spiral staircase at the left side of the front entrance leads to the roof. Here one can see a beautiful panorama of the city.

Legendary backyard on Polska (Lech Kaczynski str., 5)

This street is one of the oldest in the city. It appeared on the map in 1805. A lot of episodes of such famous films as "Elimination", "Sonya Golden Hand" were filmed in this backyard. If you ask the residents to open the door code, it is possible to go in and look at everything in details.

Odessa's old-timers still remember the days when the house number 5 was a typical «lower rank brothel." Today this building has residents of Odessa as well as tourists who are proud to live in the famous backyard.

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