Wine and Cheese Feast

Start 2015.10.17 - End 2015.10.20 Lvov, Market Square

Wine and cheese feast 2013 will be held for the fourth time in Lviv. Within 3 days one can visit the big fair of cheeses and wines, where will be presented the production of major manufacturers and importers, as well as regional organic products. An interactive cultural program is promised.
At Market Square everyone will be treated with a giant Lvivian cheese cake, which will be bake according to ancient recipe. Participants of the festival will be able to visit an improvised cheese restaurant and wine degustations, enjoy a traditional cake "Konyk" and warm up with hot mulled wine. Visitors will be able to visit a fair of folk crafts, as well as a special area of land art with the huge sofas made ​​of straw, and hundreds of oak barrels.
Wine and cheese feast 2013 in Lviv will be a good opportunity to learn more about the culture and tradition of cheese making and wine in Lviv.

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