Bakota Ukraine

Bakota is an unusually beautiful place, which is impossible to be found on the map of¬†Ukraine. This “non-existent paradise” is called by the name of the city (later the village), which is destined to disappear.¬†Nowadays Bakota is an area along the banks of the Dniester river, the former capital of Modern Podolia. Now it is a part of the National Park “Podolski Tovtry.” Many historical events like the attack of the Mongol-Tatars, the famine of 1933, and the Second World War in Podolia caused huge damage to people, architecture, and culture. The oldest monastery was also half destroyed. In 1981, the village was destroyed due to the construction of the power plant Novodnestrovskaya, and residents were moved to other cities. When you visit this place, you will dive into the world of a peaceful nature, where the spirit of the age-old stories hovers over crystal water.

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