St. George's Cathedral

This magnificent Cathedral, standing on top of a hill in the Old Town, is a real gem of Ukrainian baroque architecture. This majestic temple, perfectly blended into its surrounding landscape, is not only a unique architectural monument, but it is also the main church of Ukrainian Greek Catholics and culture of the Latin West and the Byzantine East.

St. George's Cathedral, which took twenty years to build, appeared on the hill in the center of Lviv at the end of the 18th century. It is a harmonic architectural ensemble, which consists of the temple itself, the metropolitan's chamber, a chapter house, bell tower, and majestic front gates, adorned with figures of saints. A monumental stairway, decorated with sculptures of eight geniuses, leads straight to the Cathedral.  The top of the temple topped by a sculpture "George the Serpent Bearer", the creation of John Pinzel. The interior decoration of the temple also strikes with its richness and splendor. And from the east terrace breathtaking view of Lviv is opened before eyes. 

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