Nuclear Power Plant Tour | Visiting Chernobyl 2021


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The abandoned city of Chernobyl is a popular tourist hot spot for daring travelers. Nuclear power plant tours around this morbidly intriguing attraction have been growing in popularity recently. Following the release of the HBO Chernobyl series, tours around the infamous Chernobyl exclusion zone are now on everyone’s travel list.

Touring the city of Chernobyl is an interesting dive into the past and a cautionary tale of the future. This eerie landscape, devoid of life, is a prominent part of Ukraine’s history. A level of respect should be kept for the past citizens of Chernobyl when paying a visit to the area. With that in mind, there are a number of different touring options to choose from when planning your exploration. Let’s take a look at the best of them.


  • A unique chance to explore an abandoned nuclear power plant site
  • Access to exclusive areas inside the abandoned city
  • A chance to take unorthodox photographs and video footage

Know before you book:

  • Overall safety from radiation can not be guaranteed
  • As a site growing in popularity, expect tourists
  • Specific clothing is required - closed shoes, long pants and jackets are a necessity

Chernobyl Amusement Park

Following the devastating meltdown of Chernobyl control room 4, the nuclear fallout of this power plant led to an evacuation of the city for good. Untouched by civilization since 1986, Chernobyl is a post-apocalyptic landscape of crumbling highrise buildings and abandoned everyday artifacts.

With the mandatory evictions after the explosion, residents believed they would be allowed back after three days. Everything was left behind exactly as it was with tables still set in dining halls and children’s toys littered around bedrooms.

Three days became 34 years and counting with the nuclear radiation leaving the area completely uninhabitable to this day. Suspended in a bygone era, soviet propaganda posters still hang, flaking, on the city walls. And Lenin statues can still be seen standing around the desolate area.

To this day, Pripyat, the Red Forest, and inside the Chernobyl reactor itself maintain dangerously high levels of radiation. Chernobyl is predicted to remain uninhabitable for the next 20,000 years. Long abandoned, nature has begun reclaiming the city. In stark contrast to other Ukraine attractions like the gorgeous Nikitsky Botanical Gardens, Chernobyl’s allure is the decaying urban landscape succumbing to untamed nature.

Tours of Chernobyl Prices 2021

The cost of these nuclear power plant tours starts at about $80 (2 130 UAH) and goes up to $150 (3995 UAH). This price can be higher depending on the number of passengers, overall length, and means of travel.

Traveling the area is not cheap, as a number of safety measures have to be taken on every tour. However, the experience itself is good value for money and there are a few shorter tours that accommodate for a tighter budget.

Compare prices across the ticket providers below:

Chernobyl Power Plant Tour | Times

Most Chernobyl and Pripyat tours require two weeks’ notice of a booking. Every tour requires government clearing and this can take some time. The majority of the tours on this list start earlier in the morning in order to provide a full day of traveling around the area.

Monday - Sunday: 7am - 6pm

Nuclear Power Plant Tours | Best Time to Go

While the nuclear power plant tours are open all year round, it’s recommended to go in winter. Chernobyl covered in snow can be even more thrilling and unsettling. There is also the added benefit that the snow covers the radiation particles and makes your trip a little bit safer.

Can you tour a nuclear power plant?

The answer is yes. With the right precautions taken, visitors are more or less safe from long-term radiation damage. When traveling from hotels in Kyiv to the Chernobyl Zone, visitors will pass through two police checkpoints.

Don’t forget your ID because you will be required to present it at both of these stops. Another thing to prepare for is the sheer magnitude of the area itself.

Already large on paper, the vast number of villages, complexes, and even an amusement park is staggering to comprehend in person. Visitors will also be able to get close to the nuclear power plant itself.

Things to See Inside Chernobyl Power Plant and Around

  • Abandoned amusement park and Ferris wheel
  • Duga Radar System - also known as the ‘Russian Woodpecker’
  • Palace of Culture community center
  • Pripyat Model City
  • Chernobyl upper biological shield of reactor 4
  • The Red Forest
  • The ‘Self-Settlers’ of Chernobyl’s outer villages

Nuclear Power Plant Tour | Options & Packages

For those skeptical about setting foot in the infamous radiation site, there is the option to tour Chernobyl from the safety of a helicopter.

Most nuclear power plant tours provide travel around the area in various comfortable vehicles and visitors are allowed to step out and walk around. Tours can range from 10hr day trips to three-day-long adventures.

From Kyiv | Chernobyl & Pripyat Private Helicopter Tour

If you’re feeling a little skeptical about Chernobyl’s radiation, this might be the tour for you. Step aboard a private helicopter and enjoy a bird’s-eye view over the ill-famed exclusion zone.

Spot the abandoned apartments of Pripyat, made even more gloomy by the contrasting orange of the surrounding trees. The large, desolate buildings can be even more daunting and hauntingly appealing when viewed from above. Snap some amazing shots and learn all about the tumultuous history of Chernobyl from your personal tour guide.

What we liked: Great for those who don’t want to travel through the radioactive city itself.


  • Hotel Pick-up and Drop offs
  • Private, well-informed Local Guide
  • Private Helicopter Tour


  • Gratuities
  • Food or Beverages
  • Walking Tour

This tour includes pick-ups and drop-offs at certain hotels and lasts approximately 1.5 hours.

Check Price & Book


Nuclear Power Plant Tour helicopter View

Full-Day Private Chernobyl & Pripyat Tour | Kyiv

This full-day private tour lasts approximately 10 hrs. Visitors can expect to be fetched from their hotel in Kyiv and will enjoy round-trip transport to all the best spots in Chernobyl.

Learn all about the dark history of the contained monstrosity inside Chernobyl Reactor 4 from an informative private tour guide.

The routes on this tour can be customized according to personal preference.

What we liked: Great option to avoid the crowds.


  • Private Vehicle Transport and Local Guide
  • Lunch
  • Hotel Pick-up and Drop offs


  • Gratuities
  • Guaranteed Safety of Pregnant Tourists
  • Wheelchair Accessibility

Private and accommodating, this is how to visit Chernobyl the right way. Skip the bustling crowds of tourists and explore this fantastical wasteland at your leisure.

Check Price & Book


Nuclear Power Plant Tour

From Kyiv | 1-Day Group Tour Visiting Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

This affordable tour departs from a designated meeting point in Kyiv and transports small groups of visitors through the iconic sights of Chernobyl.

Visit the Duga Radar Station and the spooky abandoned amusement park. Get up close to the infamous reactor 4 and walk through the derelict apartment blocks in Pripyat.

Tourists are encouraged to snap pictures along the route and complimentary lunches are optional.

What we liked: Great for touring on a budget.


  • Guided Trip Through Chernobyl Exclusion Zone
  • Optional Lunch Included
  • Permit to Enter Exclusion Zone


  • Guaranteed Safety of Pregnant Tourists
  • Guaranteed Safety of Children Under 18
  • Beverages

This tour is approximately 11 - 12 hrs long.

Check Price & Book


Chernobyl Tour

Two-day Tour of Chernobyl & Pripyat | Kyiv

Forget public buses, this two-day tour provides comfortable transportation to and from hotels in Kyiv and encompasses all of the best haunting sights of Chernobyl.

Guests will enjoy three meals during this tour including a complimentary lunch near Chernobyl’s intercontinental ballistic rockets.

What we liked: Great for if you want an extended tour with more time to explore.


  • Well-informed Local Guide
  • Hotel Stay in Chernobyl City
  • Air-Conditioned Vehicle


  • Hotel Pick-up
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Guaranteed Safety of Pregnant Tourists

Spend the night in a Chernobyl hotel and avoid the crowds with this luxurious two-day tour.

Check Price & Book


Chernobyl Tour

From Kyiv: Day Trip to Chernobyl Exclusion Zone & Pripyat

This power plant tour kicks off from a pickup point in Kyiv and includes an informative documentary on the drive towards the first police checkpoint. Guests will also be encouraged to grab coffee and snacks before entering Chernobyl.

Enjoy your snacks at the Chernobyl Power Plant workers’ canteen before continuing on through the enigmatic ghost town.

What we liked: Offers something more insightful and informative.


  • Well-informed Local Guide
  • Air-Conditioned Transportation Bus
  • Full-day Tour of Chernobyl


  • Gratuities
  • Hotel Pick-up and Drop-off
  • Food or Beverages

This tour lasts approximately 12hrs and includes guided narration as you move through the area.

Check Price & Book


Power Plant Tour

Private 3-Day Extended Tour to Chernobyl & Pripyat | Kyiv

This private tour is a spectacular 3-day affair encompassing all the best sights Chernobyl has to offer.

Visit Zalissya village, located on the outskirts of Chernobyl, and home to a single female self-settler choosing to stay in the area. Other unorthodox sights include the deserted Chernobyl railway station and other illusory, crumbling architecture.

What we liked: The perfect extended vacation experience.


  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Overnight Accommodation
  • Air-conditioned Minivan


  • Dosimeter
  • Hotel Pick-up and Drop-offs
  • Guaranteed Safety of Pregnant Tourists

Guests can expect two nights of accommodation, daily breakfasts, and dinners as well as an extensive tour in a luxury minibus through the radioactive scene.

Check Price & Book


Chernobyl tour

Chernobyl HBO Full-day Tour | Filming Locations

Visit the Chernobyl control room, encapsulated in its upper biological shield to prevent further disasters. Catch every iconic Chernobyl sight as seen in HBO’s popular TV series, ‘Chernobyl’.

See this spectral city from the other side of the screen on this glamorous power plant tour.

What we liked: Great for if you want a glamorous tour to claim bragging rights.


  • Air-conditioned Coach Transport
  • Well-informed Local Guide
  • Medical Insurance


  • Lunch
  • Personal Expenses
  • Wheelchair Accessibility

This tour is approximately 12hrs long and covers a broad array of Chernobyl sights.

Check Price & Book


HBO Tour

7.7Expert Score
Nuclear Power Plant Tour | Visiting Chernobyl 2021
Nuclear Power Plant Tours | Conclusion
Visiting Chernobyl is as close as we can get to stepping into a time machine. However, while Chernobyl has stood frozen in time since 1986, the city will have crumbled completely by the next 100 years. The time to visit is now. Don’t miss the chance to tour this ghostly wasteland before it has disappeared entirely.
Value For Money
  • Short distance from Kias
  • Meals included in many of the options
  • Large variety of touring options
  • Not safe for pregnant tourists or children
  • Paperwork and ID necessary for access
  • Food could be limited

Specification: Nuclear Power Plant Tour | Visiting Chernobyl 2021


Not Wheelchair Accessible


10-12 Hrs


Extra locations, Professional guide, Dodge-the-crowds access




Complimentary Lunches included


Optionally Provided

Suited for

Adventurous Solo Travelers

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Nuclear Power Plant Tour | Visiting Chernobyl 2021
Nuclear Power Plant Tour | Visiting Chernobyl 2021


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