Agricultural Tourism in Ukraine Is Taking Advantage Over the Passive Relaxing on the Beach

Green tourism in Ukraine is developing very asymmetric - it is mainly concentrated in the West, wherein each region contains about a thousand mansions and guest houses.

Of course, resting in Western Ukraine is more popular due to the wonderful nature, environmental welfare, and well-developed touristic infrastructure. However vacation at a ski resort or on the beach several times more expensive than agricultural tourism in a region. Crimea is the only region in Ukraine, which as far as possible is developing agricultural green tourism. The potential of the peninsula in this area is tremendous.

Young, green …

Green tourism for the Crimean resort is a new kind of recreational activity but very promising as for tourists as well as for rural residents.

In a broad sense, agricultural tourism suggests such a program. Tourists come to rest in the outback, discover cultural origins, learn traditional crafts, work on farms, taste local culinary delights and prepare the basics of the national cuisine if it is desired.  Guests expect to enjoy the calmness of rural life, breathe clean air, to eat green products and find a comfortable environment first of all. Another important aspect which tourists are looking for is a new experience.

A multinational little Crimean peninsula is a real discovery in Ukrainian agricultural tourism.  In exotic Crimea there are 8 ethnographic centers, several private museums, horse clubs, ostrich farm, the only Ukrainian donkey farm, fishing facilities, mini - zoos, regional centers of handicrafts and souvenirs, a network of cafes and restaurants of a national cuisine which work tightly connected with agricultural tourism sphere.

Relaxing on beaches or discovering Ukrainian fields?

For many trips abroad will be too expensive. Therefore, people rush to take advantage of domestic products.

Tourists will be able to relax actively in the countryside. The list of activities is big. It can be offered to pick up mushrooms and berries in forests, to do fishing, to heat sauna, to chop wood and clean the snow. This innovation in the tourism industry can be very relevant.

Agrotourism is a new interesting branch which can bring foreign tourists to Ukraine. Foreigners percept Ukraine as an ethnically attractive country where there is something to see. Besides, relaxing on the beaches is already boring for some tourists.

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