Waterfall Jur-Jur

Waterfall Jur-Jur is the most powerful waterfall on the Crimean peninsula. The waterfall is located on a mountain river Ulu Uzen East in the tract Haphal, Alushta. Average consumption is 270 litres of water per second, from the height of 15 meters, width up to 5 meters. It does not dry out even in the driest years, unlike other Crimean waterfalls. Upstream there is a cascade of very spectacular waterfalls and rapids, with a total height of fall of about one hundred meters.

The Greeks called Waterfall Jur-Jur “Kremasto Nero”, which is translated into “hanging water”. It is believed that the falls got their name because of the sound of falling water from 15 meters height, which is heard from afar. Nowadays, Jur-Jur is declared a national reserve.

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