Travel In Ukraine: White Lake, Rivne region

The first point of the route was the White Lake, about which we knew nothing, except for its karst origin, through which it looks really white from a bird’s eye view.

Location and road

We drove up to the lake from the direction of the village of Rudka in the Rivne region. The road from the nearest town of Kuznetsovsk to Rudka is not a fountain, 155 kilometers of which we have divided into the following sectors:

  • 155 km to White Lake - autobahn, potholes no more than once per 10 meters and no more than five in one section.
  • 60 km to the White Lake is an exaggerated horror - there are potholes, but you can go.
  • 30 km to the White Lake is a hellish horror, but any car will pass at a speed of no more than 50 km / h.

Rating - 5

Location characteristics

White Lake is a lake of youth, and no kidding. There is a high content of glycerin in the water - 6.37 mg / l - and the water is soft even to the touch. After bathing, you do not need to dry off, it is better to enjoy.

And in the language of dry facts - the area of ​​the lake is more than 450 hectares, the maximum depth is 26 meters. For 50 meters from the shore, the depth is not higher than your knee. Taking into account the sandy bottom, the place is exclusively “childish”.

Score - 10


If you do not take into account the extreme options for the settlement (in private houses of the nearest village), then there are only two options to relax on the White Lake. Accordingly, there are also two infrastructures.

Option 1

The monopolist of Beloe Lake is rehabilitation and health-improving complex for employees of the Rivne NPP. But this does not mean that only employees can rest. In ROC “Beloe Ozero” we are also glad to welcome us - ordinary people of Kiev, Odessa, and Cossacks.

From the infrastructure: a dining room, houses of two types: for couples (2-seater) and for families (3-seater), rental of boats and catamarans, volleyball court, playgrounds and most importantly - the lake itself.

Rest cost: 200 UAH. per person, accommodation and meals included. The food is tasty, a lot and well.

Option 2

Across the road from the entrance to the ROC, behind the barrier, there is a camping - picturesque place to rest in tents. No infrastructure. But there is a myriad of fish there - and this is a delicious eel, and crucian carp, and perches.

Score - 4

Possibility of rest with children

This place is just made for family holidays. There, as already mentioned, there is a shallow near the coast, a clean sandy bottom, and water, which is not a pity to swallow a couple of times.

Score - 10


Poor, but neat. Needless to say, the material and the technical base have become outdated by 50 years. In the canteen, there is instant coffee and delicious “Stokowski” tea, which is served immediately with spoons in a glass with thick walls. Cleanly, neatly, mentally, carefully.

Cleanliness score - 7

Wi-Fi and mobile communications

There is no Internet !. Mobile communication - of all operators - works great. Mobile internet is weak. Words come, photographs hardly.

Score - 1


Like an angel under the wing.

Score - 10


Come on over. It’s incredibly beautiful here. The infrastructure is weak, so if you want luxury, take it with you. But if you come here for two weeks, you will come back happy, fresh, young, surprised that there are still clean places for rest in Ukraine.


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