The Ancient Places of Ukraine: Ghost Stories Are Hidden There

1. Kamianetsk-Podilsk Fortress

Kamianetsk-Podilsk fortress blends perfectly with the surrounding landscape of the medieval structure of the city. It is a unique fortification system, which has no analogues in Europe. This is the city’s main landmark, every year thousands of tourists from all over Europe come to look at that.

2. Lutsk Castle

At present, Lutsk castle is one of the largest and oldest in Ukraine. By the way, one of its towers is depicted on the banknote of 200 UAH.

3. Khotyn Fortress

The glorious fortress in Khotyn is the witness of numerous wars and battles. For centuries it was a center of crafts and trade, culture and economy. There are held various festivals and reproductions of historic battles. It was also filmed in many movies.

4. Akkerman Fortress

The fortress was built on the ruins of the Greek city of Tyras. It is not known exactly who inhabited this land in ancient times. But this building has seen during its lifetime the reign of princes of Kievan Rus’ and the Kingdom of Hungary. Here you can see the ancient objects of everyday life and a view of the Dnistr estuary.

5. Palanok Castle or Mukachevo Castle

Mukachevo castle “Palanok” is an outstanding historical and architectural monument. The castle was built on a high volcanic mountain (65 m) in several stages. There is also a historical museum and art gallery. In the castle, there is a tasting room of wine brand “Chizay”.

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