Customs and Immigration

Green channel

Residents and non-residents may go through “green channel” without filling in a customs declaration form in the following cases:

1. If they do not carry:

  • Currency belonging to a legal entity;
  • Precious metals (ingots);
  • Weapons, explosives, drugs and dangerous substances or medication;
  • Radioactive materials;
  • Historic or artistic materials, musical instruments;
  • Printed items, audio and audiovisual materials or other information-carrying media;
  • Flora or fauna, their components or by-products.

2. If they carry up to:

  • Currency: €10 000 or the equivalent, including Ukrainian currency and traveler’s cheques (arrivals and departures);
  • Alcohol: spirits – 1 litre; wine – 2 litres; beer – 5 litres;
  • Tobacco products: 200 cigarettes (or 200 g);
  • Food products for personal consumption, not exceeding a value of € 50or equivalent, products of animal origin excluded (arrivals).

If you are carrying articles, as specified in item 1 and/or exceeds the sum as specified in item 2, you must pass customs control through the “red channel”, after filling in a customs declaration.

Red channel

Residents and non-residents must declare any cash sum to be taken out in excess of the above-mentioned figures. Customs declaration form must also be filled in if you bring in more than €10 000 or the equivalent in national currency. Sums brought into Ukraine may not exceed the amount of local currency previously taken out of the country.

Persons have a right to bring in or take out of Ukraine up to 500 grams in precious metals, provided they fill in a declaration form.

Precious metals exceeding 500 grams may be taken through Ukrainian Customs only when the passenger has a valid individual export and fills in a declaration form.

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