Midsummer night 2013

Start 2013.07.06 - End 2013.07.07 Kiev, the park “Kievan Rus”, Pyrohov near Kiev, “Mamayeva Sloboda” and “Farm Savka”

Ivan Kupala is an Orthodox holiday, which this year will be celebrated on the night from Saturday to Sunday. Historically, this festival is an ancient pagan holiday which is celebrated on the day of the Summer solstice. In old style it falls on July 6-7. This day many rites and recalling  old tradition in many cities of Ukraine are held. This holiday is marked by rituals related to water, fire and herbs: bonfires, wreaths, bathing. For example, in Kiev, a grand celebration in different parts of the city is planned: the park “Kievan Rus”, Pyrohov near Kiev, in the “Mamayeva Sloboda” and “Farm Savka”


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