Night at the Lutsk Castle

Start 2013.06.23 - End 2013.06.23 Lutsk, Lutsk castle

Only one night a year native citizens and guests of Lutsk city gather together to participate or merely watch a spectacular art festival "Night at the Lutsk castle." This extraordinary performance is held annually allowing the audience to dive into the world of fascinating secrets and mysteries of ancient Lutsk Castle.  The main aim pursued by the organizers of the festival is to let everyone know more about historical heritage of the city and in such a way find out the tourism potential of the western Ukrainian city center.

The program of the festival includes a number of amazing spectacles, which will bring a lot of drive and positive emotions to the people. The most vivid of them will be: medieval knights fightings and entertainment, open-air film screenings, theatrical tours, presentation of dishes and drinks prepared according to old recipes. The special color and a boost of energy at the festival will be presented by performances of Ukrainian and foreign bands that will perform medieval music. Theatre of fire and mystical extravaganza will present an outburst of emotions and admiration.

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