Flying on a hot air balloon: Feodosiya

Flying over the amazing scenery of the Crimea and feel yourself as a part of its nature and see the Black Sea and Azov Sea you can from a hot air balloon. The flight on a hot air balloon will give you the sense of freedom and the ability to observe the most beautiful scenery!

All this can be done in Feodosiya. There is the former airfield “Kara- Goz” that is not far from the town. Today it is a landing ground for balloons. The flight may last from two to four hours. You will learn the necessary instructions before the flight.

How to get there: you can get to the landing ground by bus from Feodosiya.

Where to stay: you can live comfortably, enjoying all the benefits of civilization in hotels of Feodosiya. In addition, there are many guesthouses and small hotels.

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