Lion Park “Taigan” in Crimea is a Ukraine’s first safari park, where are about 50 lions. A unique collection of lions collected from all the zoos of the CIS, Europe and South Africa. Predators live in open cages of 20 hectares, which is similar to the African savannah. The lions’ lives can be seen from a high platform. In addition to the safari park, there is a zoo in “Taigan” where pair of giraffes live, as well as deer, monkeys, peacocks and other animals. There are a café “White Lion”, a fountain and many sculptures of African animals on its territory.

How to get there: it is not difficult get to the safari park: go by bus Simferopol-Sudak to the station Bilohirsk.

Where to eat: there are restaurants and bars, but you can also have a picnic with your products in the shade of tall trees

Where to stay: you can stay in a hotel near the park “Taigan”

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