Chocolate stories the best chocolate in Ukraine

How to choose a chocolate with a high content of cocoa and what is the most delicious chocolate of Ukraine will tell our article.

The most common for Ukrainian shops chocolate was tested. From ten tested brands of dark chocolate, four of them received"excellent." Among them are Roshen, Svitoch, Korona and Dolci.

Experts recognized that the most delicious chocolate are Roshen and Dolci. At the same time the Swiss Lindt Excellence Ecuador received only "satisfactory" in the taste category.

According to caloric value the chocolate was selected in the interval from 510 to 560 kcal per  100g.The maximum energy value has a brand DominiC Poltava. Slightly inferior is Korona Intenza, which contains 553 calories in 100g. For those who care about body shape  fits usual Korona (512 kcal) and the Swiss dark chocolate Lindt (510 kcal).

Experts state that one of the main indicators of dark chocolate’s quality is the mass fraction of cocoa butter to all its fat. As it turned out, all the tested samples conform to this parameter. Only Svitoch, Korona and Nestle Gold Chocolate have minor impurities of butterfat - 4-5%. Other brands have 100% cocoa butter.

Finally, the testing showed that the selected varieties of dark chocolate are not contaminated with cadmium. After all, cocoa which is grown on volcanic soils, such as in Southeast Asia often contain this metal which is worsening the product. As it turned out, no chocolate from the rating have even 0.1 mg / kg of cadmium. By the way, the allowed norm of cadmium in a chocolate is 0.5 mg/kg.

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