Flea markets open a cultural curtain of a country

Flea markets in Europe and America are very popular. It is even possible to find virtual cards of flea markets round the world in internet. Flea markets are like open air museum. Their assortment speaks a lot about the habits and life of the inhabitants of a country. Experienced travelers often include flea markets in their root.

Here are presented the biggest flea markets in the world

* Flea market at "Udelnaya" in St. Petersburg

Here you can find everything from small things to the real expensive antiques. There is a half where people sell vintage clothing and accessories, art and book mess. Most items are sold for a reasonable price because sellers here, most of all, pensioners.

* Flea Market in Odessa,  Odesskaya Starokonka

Starokonniy market in Odessa was built in 1832. At that time the people were selling horses and cattle. In 2002-2003, the administration of the city reconstructed Starokonka. Conventionally,  the sellers of this fkea market is divided into four categories: retired, sellers of military ammunition, jewelry craftsmen with its own production and serious antique dealers. So here you can find almost everything. It is said that even the President of Ukraine has bought ancient Hutsul ax in the market.

* Flea market Kunst und Flohmarkt am Tiergarten in Berlin

Almost every city in Germany in spring opens their flea-markets. Usually locals sell the things that they do not need. Most children take part in such sales. They bring unwanted toys and school books. In Berlin flea market vendors pay about 20 euros for rental places. Kunst und Flohmarkt am Tiergarten is especially popular among the travelers and tourists, so prices here are overstated. But it is also a plus - one can safely negotiate.

* Flea market in Vienna

In the XII century the trade appeared in Vienna Am Hof square. Until the XIX century, this area remained a key fishing spot. Afterwards, local merchants were replaced by specialization and started selling antique works of art and antiques. So, the flea market in Vienna Am Hof can be bypassed for 20-30 minutes. Despite the fact that this market can be walked around quickly, viewing things that are sold can run into hours. By the way, Vienna also has a night flea market for those who cannot leave a house until dark - Nacht Flohmarkt am Sudbahnhof. This market is located in the South Station.

*Flea Market Saint-Ouen in Paris

The most famous and largest flea market in the world is Saint-Ouen. This huge flea market in Paris is 7 hectares, 16 separate flea markets. It is visited by about 11 million people per year.

By the way, the adjective flea which is attached to the market has it reason. Often clothes, bought here in the literal sense of the word were infested with insects. Today fleas on Saint-Ouen disappeared, but everything else - just fill up. Here come hunters for exquisite porcelain, and ladies in search of rarities dress, and other people and for many other reasons.

* Flea market Portobello in London

In XIX century it was a food market in this place, which had the reputation of the largest and most famous London flea market. In 1960, when the soldiers were returning from the newly independent colonies it started to shape the assortment of London flea-markets. People say that even Kate Moss comes to Portobello for clothes, which she demonstrates on the red carpet.

* Flea market Waterlooplein in Amsterdam

Holland is known for the preservation of many artifacts of past years. This can be seen at the flea market in Amsterdam Waterlooplein. In the XIX century on the place of the popular Amsterdam flea market located Jewish market which was eliminated during the war. At the end of the 1940s the trade renewed again. For this time it was trade with antique. Today Waterlooplein is one of the main attractions of the city. Travelers all over the world come here in search for unusual souvenirs, collectors visit here in search for rarities, and young people come in search for original clothing.

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