From Dusk Till Dawn: the best places of Kyiv to meet the first sun rays

When the soft light of dawn touches the ground, the whole picture of the world changes instantly. This daily miracle is never the same.

1. The right bank of the Dnipro River

Why is right bank? Because the sun will rise on the Left Bank, and you will be able to fully enjoy the view, which will open the Dnipro River with the first rays of the sun.

2. Near the Motherland, Park of Glory

While meeting a dawn near the Motherland, you can admire the Dnipro. It offers views of the entire left bank of the city. Those who have seen the sunrise from this place said that the park is mostly beautiful in early autumn morning.

3. Embankment of Poshtova Square

Meeting the dawn from the Poshtova Square is beautiful, and comfortable. After the sunrise, you can go to the city center.

4 . Kyiv's pedestrian bridge

Going to the pedestrian bridge, you can see the reflection of the first rays of the sun in the waves of the Dnipro. The Trukhaniv Island is not far away, so it will be a place where to continue a day.

5. Castle Hill

The observation deck on the Castle Hill can be a great platform to meet the first rays of the sun. It offers the views on the historic part of the city.

6. On the roof

What could be better to see the sunrise from one of the capital's rooftops? This is an extreme but i it offers an incredible view of the city. Fortunately, breaking the law is not necessary. Now, there are organizations that are readily and legally will guide you to the roof.

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