How to spend weekends: ideas for having picnic in Kiev

How to spend weekends to get enough rest and recharge your body and brain for the next working week? In Kiev, there are picturesque areas where you can have a great weekend.

Forest Park “Vinogradar”

In the forest Park “Vinogradar” there is an open-equipped picnic area. In the pine forest there are tables, benches, sheds, barbecues - all for free use. Some visitors come for a picnic in the morning, so this place is popular with nature lovers.

Park Druzhby Narodiv

If you want to have a great weekend with a family, the Park Druzhby Narodiv is a great place for a family holiday. You can fry barbecue and relax on the banks of the Dnieper, wakeboarding, water skiing, rent a bike.

Recreational area “Ministerka”

On the way from Kiev to Vyzhgorod recreation area “Ministerka” is located.There is a lake which is considered to be the cleanest water body in the capital. Individual picnic sites are not equipped, so you need to have all the accessories with you.

Birch Park

One of the most comfortable places on the left bank of Kiev is a picturesque birch grove. As the tables and benches there are stumps and logs. Places are not quipped there, so you also need to have all the accessories with you.

Goloseevsky forest

Goloseevskij forest is one of the favorite holiday destinations for many citizens of Kiev. Picnic spent in natural oasis… What can inspire more? The top two picnic areas are called “Holosiivska beam” and “Bukova”. Maybe even take place on the day with a barbecue. To embellish the rest you can rent a boat or catamaran.

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