In Lviv hosted the most fragrant coffee festival

It is already the seventh year in a raw when Lviv becomes the coffee capital of the country, inviting guests to visit Lviv and fragrant festival of the country - VII City Holiday "Coffee in Lviv". From 26th to 29th September, all participants had the opportunity to try the best coffee and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the holiday.

"Paradise for the coffee lovers" is the second name of this Coffee Fair which was opened at Market Square all days of the Feast. The best gift to all coffee gourmets was delicious coffee - chocolate cake, which was produced by pastry cafe "Liguminka ."

Here one could try an exclusive blend of three varieties of coffee with the taste of green apple , grapefruits and dried fruits. The coffee shop “The world of coffee prepared this coffee blend especially for the holiday.

Probably most of us have forgotten traditional correspondence, when one day, suddenly in the mailbox one can found a letter from a dear person. On the Feast "Coffee in Lviv "everyone could use the post office «From Lviv with love " and send an aromatic congratulations everywhere in the world.

At first glance, the bike and coffee have nothing in common. However, coffee was able to close bicycle lovers who rode together “The coffee mile”, after which all treated themselves with warm and fragrant drink.

It was possible to purchased handmade candles from the general partner of the festival "Lviv candle manufactory." In addition, on the festival interactively produced a huge coffee candle.

Traditionally, during the two days of the festival has been holding the election of Coffee King and Queen. This year, they were dressed in stylish suits from Lviv designers Peter Nesterenko - Lanko and Olesya Grin. They drove through the city on bicycle-mobiles, which caused considerable admiration of all who saw unusual royal procession.

In the framework of the festival “Coffee in Lviv " the best artists of the coffee business competed for the title of the best coffeemaker in Western Ukraine. The championship was very emotional and exciting, because all the participants showed great skill and professionalism. 

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