National fast-food: top 11 countries with the most delicious street food

The rhythm of the city makes its own rules. Often, it so happens that there is no time to eat normally during the lunch break. Thus, fast food feeds those who are hungry. Fast food is now available on almost every street corner.


Cheburek in the contrary to popular belief, is not originated from the Crimean Tatar cuisine. It takes its roots from Karaites who are more ancient nation which inhabited Crimea. The Crimean Tatars have appreciated Cheer-Cheer (Karaitian name of cheburek) and made it as a part of their national cuisine under a new name. Later, the art of cooking chebureks spread to other parts of Ukraine and far beyond its boundaries. Now chebureks are prepared in large metropolitan areas as well as and in roadside cafes and on streets.

10 - Belize (Belize)

From the mid-autumn to late spring Belize is a paradise for the fish lovers. Streets offer a taste of the best outdoor grilled fish from the red sniper to barracudas, as well as sea food. The freshest, recently caught and freshly cooked seafood is something for what one should go here.


Ironically, the soul food of the streets of Brussels can be called French fries with numerous sauces, soup and mussels in broth, but special attention should be paid to Liege waffles in powdered sugar, whipped with cream, strawberries and chocolate.


Mexico is Latin American street food center. The most popular dish here is grilled corn, served with cheese, chili flakes, and mayonnaise and lime juice. Stalls with ceviche, fresh juices, candy tamarind, and mango and chili pork with pineapples, tubular donuts churros are waiting someone to try them.


The city is famous for the world's best doner kebab with lamb, beef or chicken, dolma with mussels, mackerel pate, as well as all sorts of cakes with sesame or vegetable and meat fillings.


Here you will find a stunning mix of Asian cuisine with colonial France. Pho soup, all kinds of pancakes and sandwiches with a variety of fillings, fried rice cakes with egg or beef, baked fish or fruits are the best street snacks for every taste.


Walking around the Sicily’s streets one should get aquatinted with the local street food - arancini ( fried rice balls with meat or cheese sauce ) , Crocco ( fried potato balls ) , Panella (pancakes from Turkish pees) and try slices of pizza or artichokes .


Medina is the old center of Marrakech and at the same time is an Arabic gastronomic paradise. The streets are full of barrels of different salted olives, mountains of fragrant spices (both individual and local blends) and all the Djemaa el- Fna square in the evening turns into a solid festival of street food. Here you can enjoy an incredible meal of lamb, couscous, kebabs with all kinds of meat and vegetables, spicy soup from tomatoes and beans, as well as Moroccan classic meal tagines.


Dozens of fried rice noodles, hot fish soups, simple cakes with beef, chicken and pork are conquering the street of Malaysia. This kind of food has absorbed all the best features from its "delicious" neighbors - Thailand and India.


Singapore is even more inter-cultural hybrid than Malaysia. Good weather all year round allows street food to live here life all year round. You should try Hainanese chicken with ginger, onion and rice, kaya toasts with coconut, laksa soups, as well as all kinds of curry, dishes with stewed meat, tofu and seafood.


Bangkok is recognized as the world center of the street food .You should start with the Thai classics - Tom Yam soup , tom kha , pad thai noodles or Chinese fried yellow ( with duck ). Try also the legendary papaya salad, curry and sticky rice with mango. Eat fresh fruits or drink fresh juices from them. The streets of Bangkok for many years are famous for the most delicious and safe street food.

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