Odessa Tourist Festival opened new ways for travelling

This year Odessa has the status of hundreds festivals, 146 festivals, if to be precise. The main events of this spring become Odessa tourist festival and this festival "Crown of the Danube", which were held from 23 to 25 May. The exposition of the festival presented exotic nook of Ukraine and the world.

More than 80 companies from Ukrain, Poland, Jordan, Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania, Turkey, Georgia, Argentina took part in Odessa tourist festival. According to references of visitors and exhibitors one can say with certainty: the festival opened new ways to travel, both in Ukraine and around the world.

The keynote of the festival was the wine, gastronomic and cultural tourism, which were discussed on the international workshop"Odessa: the development of cultural tourism."

For the first time in the business program was an exchange of experience with leading Ukrainian and Russian experts at the "Hotel and Tourism Management." Gastronomic tourism, presenting dishes of national cuisine of Bulgaria, France, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Poland was on the exposition as well.

Ethno-festival "Crown of the Danube" acquainted with ethnic souvenirs, hand-made products, copyrights, jewelry, toys, clothing, amulets, way of life and tradition, authenticity and originality of Ukraine and Odessa region.

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