Profitable investment in the future of the hospitality industry of Ukraine

On the threshold of important socio-political changes in Ukraine, effective reforms in the sphere of tourism become more and more significant as well as conscious improving of hotel’s service. However, hotel is not only comfortable accommodation, but guarantee of security - both guests and their property. Recently, an official representative of the Dutch brand “Hotek” - the world leader in the production of hotel equipment, in particular, innovative contactless security systems hotel rooms has entered Ukrainian market. On the principles of the well-known Dutch company told us one of its Ukrainian manager Yuriy Hromyak.

“Hotek” company aims to provide the hotel with modern safety technologies. What equipment do you offer?

We offer contactless electronic locks for security and comfort. Modern technology provides guests of the hotel with the opportunity to feel safe and spend their vacation or business trip comfortably. Safes, mini-bars, TVs are products we also provide the hotel with, offering the right balance of quality and price. In addition, the owners of the hotels should not forget about the accessories for hotel rooms - hairdryers, mirrors, bath sets, baskets, etc., because their condition is also a kind of reflection of the service quality. We can supply all these items with.

It is known, the company has 15 years of experience in the international hotel market. When did you entered the Ukrainian market?

“Hotek” Company has entered Ukrainian hospitality market over a year ago, in 2013. Since that time having been developing under the same brand «Hotek», and today we are the official representatives of Dutch products in our country. Owing to the great experience of our Dutch colleagues, we managed to obtain excellent reputation for a short period of time. Evidence of this is the hundreds of recommendations and reviews from grateful clients.

Can we observe a noticeable difference in the security systems of Ukrainian and European hotels? Have you encountered any difficulties in the implementation of technologies in the Ukrainian hotels?

The difference is more than evident. European hotels test annually and implements the latest security system from world's leading companies, one of which “Hotek” is.

As for Ukrainian customers, the special difficulties in the sphere of cooperation haven’t been noticed. However, we face with the problem of understanding the concept of security of the guests and their property. For some owners it is quite difficult to realize that the future success, confident leadership in the business, it’s vital that hotel meets the international hotel security systems! Besides, some Ukrainian hotels still have not got air conditioning, TVs, can not afford the system of discounts, good parking, etc.

Over the last few years, the development of hotel business in Ukraine is growing very fast. Are Ukrainian hotels safe?

Hospitality industry is developing very fast in Ukraine. We hope that this tendency will be kept further. In the light of the recent socio-political and cultural events, more and more foreign tourists are willing to visit Ukraine. Development of travel industry needs holding the policy of general tourism, improve attractions, found new sights, make certain changes in the law, etc.

Speaking about the security system, nowadays this field still have many gaps. Hotels, which use out-of-date system of security, such as ordinary locks run risk being in disgrace among Ukrainian consumers and especially foreign ones who are accustomed to comfort and security of high level.

Recommendations of «Hotek» on developing and improving security in Ukrainian hotels

It is very important to start with receiving necessary information about the latest security systems. “Hotek” Company deals with not only selling but also assisting to improve the safety in hotels through professional consultations. One of the leading systems in our range is the contactless system locks: "2900 Classic RFID Mifare" and "Mini RFID Mifare", using the name that contactless cards give access to the room only to those who live there. We can advise access system through the introduction of a PIN code with the help of "Opencard Hybride Mifare & Keypadlock", or system "ADAPT Smal lLine Mifare", which is installed on an existing lock. To keep valuables and papers in room we offer various safes of ROMIR type. "Comfort", "Security", "Innovation" is a credo, which today is guided by our company! Of course, it is not necessary to forget about the so-called "human factor" - a system of moral values ​​of each employee of the hotel, personal responsibility and quality performance of their duties which very important in the context of improving security and increasing your service.

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