Summer 2013: new travel destinations of Ukrainians


The visa regime: Shengen visa is needed

High Season: May - September

Travel peculiarity: simplicity of obtaining visa

Beautifuly, inexpensively, tasty - this is Greece in the season of 2013. The coloring of the Mediterranean, a simple and high-quality food, sea of the incredible colour ... about 500 EUR for 7 nights including flight per person.


The visa regime: visa-free

High Season: All year (June - August - beach vacation, September-November, March and May - sightseeing, November-February – ski tourism).

Travel peculiarity: toast and dancing as a lifestyle

Georgia is a holiday for every taste and budget. In summer it is sea, excursions, pilgrimage. In winter is ski tourism. Gourmet and ethnic tours – all year round.

Goa (India)

The visa regime: visa-free

High season: October - May

Travel peculiarity: cheap housing and tropical exotics

The smallest Indian state is famous for its endless beaches with white sand, low-cost housing, abundance of exotic fruits and the ever-present atmosphere of serenity and ease. No wonder that this destination is in a great demand among Ukrainian tour operators this year.


The visa regime: visa-free

High Season: May - beginning of November

Travel peculiarity: Arabic colouring with European standards

This direction has all the opportunities to be one of the favorite destinations for public entertainment - a reasonable prices, the proximity (flight from Kiev will take only 3.5 hours), a mild climate, great beaches, well-developed hospitality industry and rich cultural and historical heritage.


The visa regime: visa-free for citizens of the EU and the U.S., as well as a number of Eastern European countries

High Season: All year (June - August - beach vacation, September-November, March and May - sightseeing, wellness, November-February – ski tourism).

Travel peculiarity: "wild" tourism and hospitality as a national trait

Honey, convenient and affordable for the Ukrainians, inexpensive, "wild", but welcoming to foreigners - is only a few touches to the travel image of Ukraine.

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