The five best places for adventure tourism in the world

Adventure tourism is a popular hobby for super-rich and venturesome people. Among the extreme entertainments are test drive on sports cars in the BMW driving school in Germany and the United States , flying on the fighter in Russia , swimming with whale sharks in Mexico , fishing in Iceland , Scotland, Chile and New Zealand.

Safaris in East Africa

You can watch National Geographic shows for years, but nothing will be compared with the opportunity to see the wild beasts of Africa with own eyes. Tourists can observe the newborn giraffe , a pride of lions hunting or take part in safari. The tour includes a visit to three national parks and reserves in Kenya and Tanzania.

The Galapagos Islands

Many companies offer cruises around the famous Galapagos Islands - the birthplace of elephant turtles . Tours , which include landing on the ground are less common , but much more cheaper. Their main advantage is  the possibility to take a walk on the wild areas and become better acquainted with the equally wild flora and fauna of the Galapagos .

Gorilla safaris in Uganda and Rwanda

People are always interested in great apes . There are a few places where tourists can watch them in their natural habitat. Basically it is misty volcanic peaks of Uganda and Rwanda.

Rafting in the Grand Canyon

The descent down the river in Grand Canyon is often called the best adventure in life. Interesting fact is many Americans visit the Canyon each year, but always limited to a simple hike. Those for whom this review is not enough, you must try to raft down the Colorado River through the waves. Lesson is perfectly safe, but it is guaranteed to be remembered for many years.

A visit to the South Pole

One hundred years ago Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen became the first person who reached the South Pole. He and other researchers in Antarctica have risked their lives, breaking through the ice on wooden ships, and then - on foot. Now there can be easily reached by plane. Fans of extreme sports can land 20 km to the goal and pass the remaining distance to ski.

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