Top 20 things to do in Odesa before summer ends!

Experience the best outdoor activities, open-air parties and much more before they disappear for the next nine months!

20 days left:

Have a cool drink of great German beer and grab a Frankfurt wurst at the open-air beer-garden under the St Paul's Lutheran Church.

19 days left:

Swim in the Black Sea at night.

18 days left:

Enjoy the view of Odesa green slopes from the cable car.

17 days left:

Do your photoshoot on the beautiful beach at sunrise.

16 days left:

Don’t forget to visit the best food market in town «Tzimes Market» tomorrow!

15 days left:

Rent a bicycle and spend a day on two wheels.

14 days left:

Taste Local Rose, the drink of summer. Bring home your favorite as a souvenir.

13 days left:

Have a classic picnic in a park.

12 days left:

Take an outdoor yoga class on a "Caleton" beach.

11 days left:

Visit the night screening at the open air “Sunday Cinema”.

10 days left:

Buy local “Mikado” tomatoes, fresh sprat and watermelon at "Privoz" and cook a real Odesa breakfast.

9 days left:

Have a dinner at the hotel "NEMO" terrace with amazing Black Sea view.

8 days left:

Get a gorgeous sun tan which will last for a couple of weeks.

7 days left:

SALES in the city! Buy stuff for a song.

6 days left:

Load up with seasonal fruits & berries.

5 days left:

Have a late dinner with friends at Palais Royale garden.

4 days left:

Take a run along the Health Road.

3 days left:

Dance till dawn at the beach club "Plagenick".

2 days left:

Take an elegant sailing tour of Odessa Harbor.

1 day left:

Take some snacks, bottle of wine, go to the beach & throw a Summer Closing Party 2014!

by Odessa*Weekend

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