Top-8 the best city-resorts of Ukraine

  • Feodosia

  • Gurzuf

  • Kerch

  • Sevastopol

  • Sudak

  • Yalta

  • Yevpatoria

The Crimean peninsula is able to fall in love forever. It is a wonderful place for everyone: children and extreme lover, convinced party-goers and gentle ladies as well as those who are eager to spent time as a camper in a tent.


Kerch is a quite modern resort. People come here to swim in two seas, the Black Sea and Sea of ​​Azov, sunbathe and go for a drive on the windsurfing and kite or alternate lazy beach holiday with excursions to monuments of antiquity, which miraculously survived.

The main attractions:  Adzhimushkay quarry, lake Chokrak, Yeni-Kale fortress


East Coast of the Crimea is often considered as the best option for families with children. Salubrious air, mild climate, sandy beaches and ... low prices. One who is going to the sea with the baby, these four points will be enough.

The main attractions:  the Genoese fortress, art gallery of Aivazovsky


It is believed that in Sudak there is the warmest sea throughout the Crimean peninsula. Anyway, here tourists swim from early June to mid-October. And the sunny days per year are more than at other resorts.

The main attractions: Sun Valley, Golitsynsky grotto, Genoese fortress


The most popular health resort of Crimea is famous for its unique location: Alushta is surrounded by a ring of mountains, protecting it from the wind and snow, so there is never a sub-zero temperature. Warm sun, blue sea, sand and pebble beaches, picturesque mountains and the mysterious Valley of the Ghosts attract many visitors who are eager both to relax and get acquainted with the creative muse.

The main attractions: "Winery Alushta" , Waterfall Jur-Jur


These places are really very picturesque: on one side of the village there is Ayu-Dag mountain, on the other - Nikita mountain pasture, Genoese cliff in the centre and Adalary, , lonely islands steep, palaces, lapped by the waves,  stand conspicuously in the sea.

The main attractions: Pushkin rock, dive center «Aquamarine Gursuf", Ayu-Dag


Anyone who has ever been on the southern coast of the Crimea will say, the entire peninsula is no longer find a place with such a concentration of tourist attractions to suit every taste and color. Lovers of architecture admire Vorontsov Palace and Swallow's Nest. Indifferent to the natural beauty are inspired by cliffs of Simeiz and breathtaking view from the top of Ai-Petri. Ordinary swingers are content with simple pleasures, which are full of Massandra wine cellars.

The main attractions:  Ai-Petri mountain, Vorontsov Palace, Swallow's Nest, Massandra winery


Sevastopol with its old forts, bays and cannon batteries have long been turned into a huge open-air museum. Anyone who has been in Sebastopol, remembers the local beaches and promenade where you can walk for hours admiring the sunset and waves that are breaking on granite, pour over the city's main promenade with foam and spray.

The main attractions: Balaklava, submarine museum, panorama "Defense of Sevastopol"


The peculiarity of Yevpatoria’s beaches is their shallowness, with gently sloping sandy bottom. The city has had a status of the main children's health center for a long time. Over the years, the old health resort’s  infrastructure not only noticeably refreshed, but overgrown with children's entertainment that has made the city quite like a piece of children's paradise.

The main attractions:  Moinakskoye lake, Tarkhankut Peninsula

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