Where to go in August: Top destinations for Ukrainians

  • Oslo

  • Belgrade

  • Berlin

  • Prague

  • Amsterdam

  • Rome

  • Lisbon

Summer is in its full swing, and travelling is never late. Even having overwhelming desire to take a rest anywhere, you cannot know what you want for sure: someone likes cozy streets and evening promenades and someone are interested in night life and contemporary art.

Expensive Oslo

It is one of the most interesting Scandinavian cities as well as one of the most expensive not only in Europe but in the world. Annually, Oslo takes the first positions in the ratings of the “most expensive” and it is not wonder: small bottle of the water costs 30 UAH and for a lunch per person you will pay 100 UAH. However, it is not a reason to refuse you seeing Oslo.

Cheap Belgrade

If you cannot afford visiting expensive cities, pay your attention to the other side of the rating – and visit capitals which propose reasonable prices. Belgrade still remains very attractive and interesting for tourists: not only owing to price but special atmosphere as well.

Modern Berlin

The capital of Germany manages to balance between different epochs and still be one of the modern European cities. The best art promotions, good formation of society – this is what makes Berlin modern and interesting for everyone who visits this city.

Historical Prague

Without history it is impossible to be who we are. Prague proves that; this is an example of wonderful architecture in the center of the city. Annually, the Czech capital is visited by a million of tourists as it has a lot worth seeing and tasting. It will be not easy, but you can try: find in Prague places, which are not crowed yet.

Cheerful Amsterdam

When the work is pressing its intensity, and the house - its monotony, you need restarting positive emotions. Amsterdam can be young and fun, and without additional funding, which is reflected in the tourism slogan: I Amsterdam. Amsterdam is positive people who share their emotions with you.

Romantic Rome

Travel alone is great, but more pleasant to travel with your beloved. And if France seems to be very banal, real romance of Europe can be still found and felt. Try to do it in Rome – on the background of ancient buildings of the Rome Empire, taking walk along noisy streets with tasty Italian ice-cream.

Lisbon – the discovery of the year

It can be a bonus in your travel list. Annually, there is a real boom on one of the destinations. This year, the capital of Portugal is experiencing itsrebirth: it is far to the west, on the shore of the ocean and the steep slopes of the Iberian Peninsula. Where else can you find peace and comfort, as on the edge of the world?

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