Paradise Park is the most modern, stylish-designed park. It is located in the resort village Partenit. It is a wonderful park with man-made ponds, streams, waterfalls, exotic plants from around the world and beautiful sculptures.

The park was founded according to myths, legends and historical facts concerning the Crimea. Ancient Greek culture, Taurus dolmens, medieval Genoese fortifications, eastern gardens is reflected in the landscape of the park.

Walking through Paradise visitors can enjoy a great variety artistic motifs: English landscape garden in the style of Art Nouveau, the compositional center of which is the classic pavilion with marble sculpture, decorative pool and waterfall; exposure of succulents; "Arizona" - fragment of Mexican garden embodies the image of the landscape of pre-Columbian America, "Antique Garden" in the olive grove; terraced garden; garden of scents, rose garden, as well as many other equally beautiful, parts of the Paradise Park.

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