Pokrovsky Cathedral is among the seven wonders of Kharkov and is one of the most beautiful sights of the city. On its territory there are several buildings: the seminary, Pokrovsky Cathedral, Kharkov episcopal residence, the Temple of the Mother of God Ozeryanskoy.

The building of the Pokrovsky monastery harmoniously combines the features of Russian architecture and architectural forms of popular religious art in Ukraine. The building of the cathedral is a baroque three-domed church. The proportionality of the volume of the temple, freely forwarding into the sky, contrasts with heavy and severe forms of the bell tower, which looks more like a fortress tower. In the 18th century on the territory Kharkov Collegium was established. It is the first higher education institution in the Eastern Ukraine. Currently Pokrovsky Cathedral is the oldest male cathedral in Kharkov and the oldest stone architectural monument of national importance.

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