The real gem of Lviv is Potocki Palace. Through the forged fence, it majestically rises above surrounding buildings. It is history began in XIX century on the initiative of Count Alfred Potocki II.

The palace that harmonically combined traits of baroque and classicism was designed by French architect Louis d’Auvergne. It was built for official receptions and meeting, everything in the palace was provided for this purpose – luxurious living rooms, carriage court.

Palace’s interior was as exquisite as its exterior. Being design in the style of Lui XVI, the interior of the palace is fascinating: a lot of moulding, gilding, marble and painting. The Red or the Dancing Hall, the Blue Hall and the Mirror Hall strike most of all.

Today, the historical building’s premises are occupied by the European Art Museum, which is a chapter of the Lviv Picture Gallery. Its halls house expositions of antique interiors and European painting, dated to the 14th – 18th centuries.

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