Roffe’s bathing-place

In the center of Yalta on the embankment historical monument of local importance was constructed – Roffe’s bathing-place. Firstly it was part of a hotel complex “France”, built by order of a known merchant A.I.Roffe. At the request of a merchant, the main building was built of white marble portal in the Moorish style. On the facade of the portal there is a quote from Koran carved: “Be blessed, like water”. A hall with plaster moldings is very beautiful inside and built in a Moroccan style.

Roffe’s bathing-place was equated to the best European institutions and similar exotica which were built in the whole country. In the baths there were bathtubs filled with heated sea water. At its time in the baths there were many members of the “Society of Writers and Scientists” having a good rest.

Nowadays, the baths is a private studio of Sofia Rotaru. Famous singer plans to completely reconstruct the monument of architecture, build a replica of the building. It will include a house of creativity and artists meetings and conferences.

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