Top 8 Famous Movies Filmed in Ukraine

Filmmaking has been known for a long time in Ukraine and outside the country. There were made a lot of movies or episodes to them. This makes any tourist come to the place of his favourite modern films or foreign films to see the scene from the movie. Their many famous movies have been filmed, which became known around the world.

1. Aurora

The site: Kramatorsk (Donetsk region), Donetsk (Ukraine) - the Theatre of Opera and Ballet named after A.Solovianenko

Interesting facts: the film is dedicated to the tragedy at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in 1986

Must-see: the Theatre of Opera and Ballet named after A.Solovianenko in Donetsk

2. Take Two

The site: St. Andrew’s descent in Kyiv, Pokrovska street, near St. Andrew’s Church.The places where the story takes place, every citizen of Kyiv knows

Interesting facts: the film of Viktor Ivanov “Take Two” became the classical comedy of Soviet cinema

Must-see: now on the descent you can see the monument to the heroes of comedy - Golokhvastov and Pronia Prokopovna

3. Sapho

The site: the Crimea, including the city in Balaklava bay, Sevastopol, Yalta (Vorontsov Palace)

Interesting facts: an erotic feature film, the events of which developed on the Greek island - Lesbos in 1926. The name and story are an allusion to the ancient Greek poet Sappho. In fact, filming took place not in Greece, but in the Crimea

Must-see: Vorontsov Palace and Balaklava Bay, the Crimea

4. The Amphibian Man

The site: the Crimea, Karadag, Balaklava Bay

Interesting facts: it had 65.5 million viewers, which was a record for 1962. Every fourth citizen of the USSR saw the tape

Must-see: see and jump into the bay, where Ichtiander jumped as in the film. Do not deny yourself to enjoy the sunsets like Ichtiander and Gutiere did

5. Taras Bulba

The site: the island of Khortytsia in Zaporizhzhia, the Crimea, Kamianetsk-Podilsk, Kyiv, Hotyn

Interesting facts: a feature film is an adaptation of the novel (1842) of Nikolai Gogol

Must-see: the island of Khortytsia in Zaporizhzhia

6. The Three Musketeers

The site: Lviv, Odessa and its suburbs

Interesting facts: after the release of this famous film about the four musketeers, in the Lion City appeared a separate tourist route – Musketeer’ Lviv. It includes a restaurant “The Musketeer”, Pototskyi Palace, Podgoretsky Castle

Must-see: order a dish at the restaurant “The Musketeer” on Hrushevskoho Street 7. Take a tour to Pototskyi Palace so that to feel like a king and get into Podgoretsky Castle

7. Indi

The site: Kyiv - Moscow Bridge, Naberezhno-Kreschatitskaia Street, Voloshska Street, Obolonska Street, Podol

Interesting facts: during the filming of the movie its names changed several times, the last was “My mom Indy”, which then turned into name “Indy”

Must-see: a stroll with a romantic mood through one of the most beautiful areas of Kyiv - Podil

8. Police Story 4: First Strike

The site: “Swallow’s Nest” - Livadia, Yalta City Council, the Crimea, Ukraine

Interesting facts: the film shows that the Ukrainian police used American helicopters (1996) but in fact, they used the Soviet helicopters Mi- 8 and Mi-24. In the film, Swallow’s Nest is located in Simferopol but in fact, it is in the village Livadia

Must-see: visit the village Livadia (”Swallow’s Nest”)

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