House Of Scientists Or Casino Gerhard

One of the main trump cards of Lviv is, undoubtedly, its chic old architecture. A great example of this is the House of Scientists or, in the past, Gerhard’s casino. The House of Scientists was built in 1897-1898. The authors of such a pompous construction were the buildings of the Lviv Opera - Herman Helmer and Ferdinant Fellner.

Outside, the building attracts attention with its intricately decorated facade, but many do not even realize what extraordinary interiors are hidden behind these walls. The interior decoration of the House of Scientists amazes with its splendor and chic - an abundance of stucco moldings and expensive decorations, antique furniture, marble stoves, and silk wallpaper.

A stunning carved oak staircase will lead you to luxurious halls: the White Hall with a fireplace and a luxurious black grand piano, behind which one of the Mozarts once played within the same walls, the Red Hall with silk wallpaper, suspended crystal chandeliers, and many decorations; incredibly cozy and calm Beige hall, green garden for walking, galleries and, of course, the famous library.

Nowadays, the rich interiors of the building, which have not changed in more than a hundred years, often serve as scenery for historical films. Lviv balls are also regularly held here.

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