Gastronomic Tourism – Taste The Flavor Of Ukraine

Gastronomic tourism in Ukraine is gaining more and more enthusiastic tourists, as it is a new way of travel for foreign tourists to investigate the true flavours and traditions. This kind of tourism allows you to enjoy a variety of Ukrainian delicacies and learn the spirit of the Ukrainian land, culture, and experience the values ​​associated with the land and roots. Do we suggest you determine for yourself what it tastes like – Ukraine? Let us get acquainted with places where to go. Wine tourism in Ukraine s one of the most memorable parts of gastronomic tourism, which perfectly demonstrates itself as in the Carpathians and the Crimea. It’s time to discover for all wine connoisseurs the Season of «wine» pleasure. You have a chance to visit the Crimean wine cellars “ Massandra”, “Koktebel”, “Livadia”, “Novyi Svit”, also you can visit a winery called “Inkerman” with a tour of the wine cellars, get acquainted with the characteristics of the classical winemaking and the history of winemaking in the Crimea. Tasting of the best examples of vintage wines, such as dry, strong and sweet, will delight you. You can visit the museum of wine and the wine tasting centre. You can see the unique varieties of grapes grown on the fields for about 2,500 years. There is also a cave, which is known for its Museum of grapes and wine. The Carpathians can also enchant you with their intoxicating aroma. There are no big factories and enterprises, but only in the Carpathians, festivals of the young wine are held every autumn. Therefore, you have time until November.

Lviv can be called another gastronomic destination, where you can visit the most famous and delicious places in Lviv. You can easily visit the most popular places: “Gasova Liampa”, “Mazokh Café” and “Kryivka” where the Ukrainian spirit and plum brandy truly intoxicate you. The visit to the Brewery Museum offers you to taste the variety of beer’s tastes and learn how to make it. Jump the opportunity if you want to taste different kinds of vodka at the plant of the world-famous brand Nemiroff.

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