In the heart of Sumy city, an amazingly beautiful wooden Gazebo is built – a favorite place of many residents and visitors. It is built in strict forms of the “Russian style” and refers to the direction of the rarest style of architecture in the city – historicism.

In appearance Gazebo – is an octagonal open wooden terrace. It was built on a high brick plinth, overlapped with a cross-vaulted roof with a central faceted dome. The gazebo is ten meters in height and the diameter is nearly six meters. A unique feature of the Pavilion is that it is built without a single metal nail. In addition, an elaborately decorated Gazebo has shaped columns, lace curtain, carved spires on the roof. All of this helps her to create the impression of an unusually light openwork structure. In the patterns of gazebos, there are pagan symbols of Christianity and the Jewish religion, which represent the world order, harmony, and grace. In 2010, the Gazebo was recognized as the winner of the campaign “Seven Wonders of Sumy.”

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