Mezhyhirya Residence Tour

Mezhyhirya Residence is definitely a unique attraction that represents both a real embodiment of luxury and an example of how limitless power can affect the human mind. The former president of Ukraine V. Yanukovych’s residence impresses its visitors with its refinement and magnitude.

Live guide: English, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish

Duration: 4 or 6 hours

Private bus tour

Dates: every day upon request

Tour program

The tour will start once the driver meets you at your hotel and then drives you to the Novi Petrivtsi village. Be ready to be shocked with the extreme luxury of the house of Viktor Yanukovych in Mezhyhirya. There is probably no other so sumptuous place in Ukraine. This tour will help you discover many sides of the former Ukrainian president’s life.

The first thing for you to see and to appreciate the entire spirit of luxury will be the 6-meter fence and the additional one nearby the “VIP territory”. The gorgeous garden on the territory of the residence with never freezing lake, well cut unique trees, and an open tennis court will impress you as well. In addition, a big number of unique unusual animals and birds drive people’s attention.

The opulent residence will demonstrate to you its entire inventory, including its own marina, fire station and superior training center for the elite dogs. A former Yanukovych garage full of old soviet cars, which presently functions as a retro cars’ museum, is a great example of excessive luxury.

Besides the main mansion of president Yanukovych, the territory hosts another massive building - a health center. This center contains the latest and the most classy spa equipment - oxygen camera, artificial salt cave and cryogenic steam bath.

The visit to the mansion, so-called “Honka”, will impress you even bigger. The superb house with an exclusive air filtering system, a wooden mosaic floor, and an ornamented elevator will demonstrate the entire elegance of this place.  It will take you about 40 minutes to see the entire mansion and the most expensive things like a Swiss music box or coated with gold chandeliers.

When the tour ends, you will head back to Kiev.

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