Ukrainian Travelers Will Be Easier to Get a Visa to Canada

New visa centers of Canada appeared in Kiev and Lviv. The aim is to facilitate and make easier the process of obtaining a visa to Canada.

Agents who accept applications on visas reply in Ukrainian and Russian languages ​​ by phone, email or directly to a person who asks, as well as provide the proper preparation of applications.

Centres also provide services such as photocopying, photographing for visas and computer terminals on the principles of self-service for those wishing to take advantage of a new opportunity to fill out the forms online. These services are performed for an extra cost.

Those who wish to apply for a visitor visa, study permit, work permit or travel document for a permanent resident may apply in the new visa centres in Kiev at Frunze str., 60, or in Lviv, Brothers Mikhnovsky str. , 1.

The Government of Canada is planning to create new jobs and stimulate economic growth, attracting a growing number of visitors, foreign students, skilled temporary workers and immigrants who best meet the current and future needs of the labour market. That is why the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration of Canada is committed to issuing visas and permits as soon as possible to ease the journeys of immigrants, visitors and students.

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