Kyiv Montmartre, the famous street of artists and tourists, fashioned brand of the capital, one of its most important myths. Here everything is exclusive, and what is the most important! - mysterious and legendary. No wonder - one street, the small piece of the space, has brought together mystical Bulgakov, the castle of Richard the Lion Heart attracting with mysteries and the name of the street which is shrouded in a haze of myth and legends.

Andrew's descent appeared in the times of Kievan Rus, connecting the upper and lower part of Kiev. In the XIX - XX century artists and sculptures, musicians and writers lived there, giving Andrew’s descent original atmosphere and unique look. It attracts with legendary history and special colour. It is a real Klondike for those who like nice souvenirs and unpretentious little things.   

As many years ago a bohemian atmosphere reigns here – it is supported by a great number of art galleries and art-cafés, finding shelter on Andrew’s descent.

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