Market Square is a marvelous place in the center of Lvov, peculiar museum of the medieval city under the dome of blue sky, where each house is an embodiment of amazing architecture. Its age is six centuries. The history of the entire city overfills the aura of this small piece of land, where 44 incredibly beautiful kamenitsas are located. 7 streets and 1 square stretch out from the angles of the Market Square.

Here are some of the outstanding kamenitsas:

The Bandinelli Kamenitsa is called in honor of Italian Roberto Bandinelli, descendant of a famous sculpture Bartolomeo Bandinelli, who created in the times of great Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael. In 1629 first post office was established here – couriers were sent to all around Europe twice a week.

Kornyakta Palace was built for a wealthy Greek Merchant Constantine Kornyakt. Its inner yard is called Italian because of its similarity with yards in Florence and Rome. 

Black Kamenitsa ("Chorna Kamenitsa" in Ukrainian) is exceptionally beautiful and the most precious kamenitsa among all the philistine buildings of Renaissance epoch.  

Lyubomirski Palace includes two medieval kamenitsas.  Since 1975 collections of furniture of different epochs, tapestries, procelain and delftware of Museum of Ethnography.

Venetian (Massari) House is one of the old Gothic kamenitsas built is Renaissance style. Above its doorway there is a symbol of Venice – a lion with wings.

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