Ecotourism in Ukraine – the best ways to spend time actively

Horse-Riding in the Carpathians

As the horse-riding tourism requires no certain natural features - it can develop in any part of Ukraine. Horse-riding trips are the trips for romantic people. Stunning natural landscapes, learning something new and unknown, communication with intelligent and strong animal - all these attract more and more tourists.

It is possible to rent horses almost in every village for a horse-riding trip in the Carpathians and Trascarpathia. And at horse farms nearby the regional centers one can always can get riding lessons. The most common breed here is called “hutsulyky”. These horses are very clever, strong and calm. They are recognized to be a brand of the Carpathians.

Caving in Western Ukraine

Ukrainian caves are well known among cavers all around the world. Podillia, Crimea, the Carpathians and Donbas are the main areas where they are located. However, the most popular and most famous are the gypsum caves of Podillia and Crimea, made of limestone. The horizontal caves with the labyrinths of passages in the strata of gypsum hiding the beautiful crystals, stalactites and stalagmites are common for Podillia.

The longest in Europe and the second longest cave in the world is "Optymistychna" cave (225 km long) located in Ternopil region and it is one of the 7 Wonders of Ukraine.

Climbing in Bukovyna

The natural peculiarities of Ukraine allow going for climbing almost everywhere, and the specially equipped climbing walls may be found in places with no natural rocks. Among the natural objects suitable for climbing are not only the numerous vertical cliffs of the Crimean Mountains. The outputs of the Ukrainian crystalline shield to the surface create the perfect places for rock climbing in Central and Southern Ukraine (Buky village in Cherkasy region, Southern Buh canyon, granite rocks in Zhytomyr region and other places).

You can go for ice climbing in Smuharivski waterfalls near Roztoky in Bukovyna which are a contender for the title of one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine, Maniavsky cascade of three waterfalls with the height of 18m in the Carpathian region and waterfalls up to 20 m high above the Smotrych river in Kamianets-Podilsky.


Walking tourist trips may be organized in all regions of Ukraine. The most exciting areas for trekking are two mountains ranges – the Ukrainian Carpathians and the Crimean Mountains.

Weather conditions allow walking trips in lowland regions of Ukraine from March to November, and under favorable conditions throughout the year. Among the interesting walking regions of Ukrainian plain territory are Dnister region, Sothern Buh valley, Podillia Upland, etc.

Crimea and the Carpathians are the main areas for walking sports and tourist trips. A variety of natural obstacles in these areas allows tourists to learn about all the arsenal of methods of walking tourism techniques. The season for trips in these areas lasts from early spring to late fall, and under favorable weather conditions in winter.

Cycling in Central Ukraine

Natural, cultural, architectural and historical wealth of Ukraine gives an opportunity to organize cycling tours of different types. Each region has its own peculiarities as well as a number of the most attractive tourist objects which should not be omitted while preparing a route of a trip.

Central Ukraine is rich in historic areas, archaeological sites and has its own natural wonders. Some of the deepest ravines in Europe are located here and a relief near Kaniv looks like the mountainous area. A real canyon with high vertical granite walls, waterfalls and rifts can be observed in the middle of the plain near Buky village in Cherkasy region. “Sofiivka” park, a real masterpiece of landscape art, with local and exotic plants, fountains, gazebos, rocks and caves is definitely worth visiting as well. 

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