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The best ideas for winter holidays in Ukraine

It’s not much time left before the New Year and Christmas and for those who want to travel anywhere on winter holidays they have to hurry to plan a vacation

Lviv as a touristic object of world significance

The rest in Lviv it is a full immersion into the traditions of the old world with a tone of contemporary culture, it’s also an immersion into the city of paradoxes and mysteries

Extreme voyage: on the waves of the Black and Azov Seas

Dynamic drive, dizzying jumps, impressive drives on the water surface – this is kitesurfing

A breath of adrenaline: surfing, caves and air balloon rides in the Crimea

Summer continues and so it is necessary to have time enough to enjoy all its charms

Active tourism: places for surfing in Crimea

If someone associated surfing only with exotic countries and ocean, the majority of surfers discover the advantages of places in Ukraine

Extreme tourism: 3 days and 5 roads

In Uman, Cherkasy region the Bike Show 2013 will be held in Ukrainian style

Top 5 best beaches in Crimea

Crimea offers relaxing holiday swimming in the gentle sea as well as active one with jet skiing, scuba diving, excursions