Top 5 best beaches in Crimea

  • Gold Beach (Feodosia)

  • Beach Tzarskiy (Novyy Svet)

  • Blue stones (Simeiz)

  • Tarkhankut Cape

  • Beach Yashmovyy (Sevastopol)

Gold Beach (Feodosia) for family vacation

Do not deny yourself the pleasure to relax on this beach. It got its name because of the unusual golden sand. The water is clear and the bottom of the sea is a shallow, which makes Golden Beach great place  for relaxing with children. In addition, the beach is well landscaped and has the necessary infrastructure.

 Beach Tzarskiy (Novyy Svet) for the real aristocrats

In the morning, these aristocrats are drinking champagne spilled on the famous local factory of sparkling wines. Here you can enjoy incredible cliffs, juniper and pine groves, steep mountain trails. We are amazed by three unique bays, in one of which the beach is located.

Blue stones (Simeiz) for lovers of tranquility

Located in Simeize and has the poetic name of "Blue Rocks", which fully corresponds to the reality. In fact it is not quite the beach but huge boulders. Cleanliness is perfect, landscape mesmerizes, but to reach it requires good physical preparation.

Tarkhankut Cape for divers

Here you can admire the beautiful scenery of rock and swim in the crystal clear water. This place is in particular value among diving enthusiasts, because currents and winds are such that the court of ancient mariners suffered a crash very often at this cape. It's a real graveyard of ships, there are many available interesting underwater sites located almost next to the surface.

Beach Yashmovyy (Sevastopol) for lovers of warmth

Stretching almost a kilometer, it is considered one of the most beautiful and clear beaches of the peninsula. Clear water, beautiful landscapes and incredible special microclimate that makes it a wonderful place, not only for recreation but also for healing.

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