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Travels in an “eco” style – by Ukrainian paths

The Ukrainian Carpathians are the ideal place for the travels in an “eco” style: find your own edelweiss flower, see the sunrise high in the mountains, take a rest with a fishing tackle near a quite lake, and also enjoy the silence of the rural area t

Travel around Ukraine: Bile Ozero, Rivne region

Bile Ozero in Rivne region became one first itinerary, about which we knew nothing expect its karst background – it looks a true white from bird's eye view

Odesa entered Top-5 the most popular cities for winter vacation

Odesa entered Top-5 the most popular cities for winter vacation – these are the results of inquiry made by the Polish Agency PBJ - Badania Markietingowe

Christmas holidays in Ukraine: unusual ideas for holiday-makers

To spend New Year and Christmas holidays in the Carpathians is a holiday itself. Nowadays in addition to wonderful ski pleasure, the Carpathians offer extraordinary ideas

Where to go for a photo session in Kyiv in winter

The winter came. It is always a mysterious and fabulous season. Winter is also the perfect time of year for a photo shooting

The best places of Odessa for walking at weekends

Hard frosts don’t disturb the southern city Odessa that’s why it is possible to walk along streets and interesting places of the city

Transcarpathia expects a real tourist boom

Transcarpathia still remains a popular destination for holiday and the region expects a real tourist boom during New Year’s holidays

Lviv as a touristic object of world significance

The rest in Lviv it is a full immersion into the traditions of the old world with a tone of contemporary culture, it’s also an immersion into the city of paradoxes and mysteries

Tourist Crimea: from where comes the greatest number of tourists

Today Crimea opens doors to all guests, showing off its best attractions and opportunities at any time of the year

The Crimea in winter: five advantages of the peninsula

Crimea is lovely at any time of the year and many people love it in winter. And there are several reasons for it

Look at Ukraine from the hill: what to do in Bukovel

Carpathian nature is incredibly beautiful at any time of the year. If you come here every year and you think that you’d seen everything there

Winter vacation in the mountains: ski resorts of Europe and Ukraine

The supporters of active rest in winter plan their tours in advance starting from the fall. There are a great number of resorts to choose: ski resorts

The specialty of wine tourism in the Carpathians: wine tours

More and more tourists prefer non-standard tours. From these tours you can really learn a lot, meet interesting people, see more in short time

Where ghosts live in Ukraine: places of legends

Peter and Paul’s church of the Jesuits is the Baroque shrine, the largest and most mysterious churches of the city, which was built in 1610-1630

Ukrainian wonders for the tourist or visiting the Lion City

Lviv has long been known for its gourmet and coffee traditions, and especially it concerns knaips. They have a distinct and special service and interior, unusual dishes

100,000 tourists from around the world conquer Goverla each year

More and more tourists from Western Europe go to Ukraine to admire the beauty of our nature. It’s no wonder, because Ukraine has much to show

Business travelling in Ukrainian: the first steps towards the world recognition

The development of business tourism has become one of the priorities of the program of tourism development until 2022

Top 6 places in Odessa, where the wishes of couples come true

If you once come to the sea town Odessa, you will not forget it ever. You can’t simply pass by Derybasovska Street, the Opera House and the Potemkin Stairs

What a tourist must do in Kyiv, if he can not sleep

Every night has many surprises, and especially the night capital. In a big city there are a lot of possibilities and variants

Hike to the Crimea: why caves are interesting for tourists

Ukraine is a land that is also known for its caves, which are of special interest for curious tourists

Extreme voyage: on the waves of the Black and Azov Seas

Dynamic drive, dizzying jumps, impressive drives on the water surface – this is kitesurfing

Places for sweethearts in Ukraine: romantic finds

Practically in every city in the world there is a symbol of enduring love it can be a bridge on which the couple attach locks on it and keys

Europe in Ukraine or how has Lviv become a tourist Mecca?

Modern tourist is very picky in terms of travelling, giving preference to new and new destinations that are just beginning to appear on travel map

The ancient places of Ukraine: ghost stories are hidden there

Kamianetsk-Podilsk fortress blends perfectly with the surrounding landscape of the medieval structure of the city

Travel to Ukraine: places for spending time and money

A lot of people think much where to go for shopping or entertainment. Autumn rainy weather don’t give you a chance for a walk in the parks and squares

How to spend the weekend in Western Ukraine

Every weekend, many people want to have a rest, but tastes differ. Some people prefer an active rest (travelling and adventures) and some

What beckons tourists to Ukrainian cities

More and more foreign tourists come to Ukraine with each passing year, which contributes to the development of the country’s tourism

5 original hotels of Ukraine included in the list of 100 best ones

The Council of Tourism compiled the list of “100 best hotels of Ukraine” includes hotels from all over Ukraine

The number of visits of cruise liners in Ukraine increased by 20 %

Nearly 400 cruise ship visits were recorded this year in three Ukrainian ports: Odessa, Sevastopol and Yalta

5 reasons to visit the open air museum in Kyiv

Museum Pyrohiv is classified as “open air museum”, and located in suburbs of Kiev. The official name of the museum is

Five amazing places for walking in Donetsk

French Montmartre in Donetsk One of the most beautiful streets of Donetsk is Pushkin Boulevard

The most mysterious shrines of Ukraine

Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra At all times since the XII century, the Christians had a rule at least once in a lifetime to visit Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra

What must be done before the end of autumn

Only some people like “autumn”. It awakens bright and positive feelings

Top 9 Crimean wonders or in the arms of nature

The Crimean peninsula is a unique place to stay every time in every season of the year

Ukrainians prefer cruise travelling in the off-season

In fact, the cruise market is the only segment of the tourist market which in the current economic climate has been growing

The five interesting places to visit within 100 km from Kiev

Distant lands so tempting with its miracles and shine that we often forget about the things which are so close

5 recommended places to go on autumn weekend in Odesa

Web portal of tips for visitors to Odessa "Odessa*Weekend" asked five citizens "Where do you go on weekends in autumn?"

The five interesting places to visit within 100 km from Kiev

Distant lands so tempting with its miracles and shine that we often forget about the things which are so close. In a radius of 100 km from Kiev it is possible to find many interesting places where a traveller should focus on

Ukraine is considered as an alternative to the Eastern European resorts

Seven major tour operators of Turkey declared their participation in an information tour to Crimea, which they consider as an alternative to the Eastern European resorts

Top-10 the most exciting places for autumn walking in Ukraine

To know the city, you need to go down well its streets and courtyards, sit in its cafe, breathe the sweet air of its parks and avenues

Travelling around Ukraine: the best Ukrainian islands

In Ukraine there are islands which have their own individual history and look quite picturesque

Where, how and with what budget Ukrainians travelled this summer

Summer is going to come to the end as well as a season of vacations. However, there are still warm days of the velvet season, but tour operators have already brought the first results

Where to celebrate the Independtnce Day: ideas for travelling

Ukrainians are going to have three-day weekends devoted to the celebration of the Independence Day

What destinations are in a demand among tourists in August

Traditionally, August is considered to be the peak of holiday season

TOP-5 romantic places of Ukraine: ideas for weekends

There are a lot of interesting places and nooks which attract loving couples from all over the world

Ukraine intends to develop new travel trands

Experts of tourism industry with one voice admit that the tourist attractiveness of Ukraine is developing rapidly. Since the beginning of the year Kiev has been attended by more than 600 thousand foreign tourists

How to spend and where to go for the Constitution Day: ideas for travelling

Ukrainians are going to have three-day weekends devoted to the celebration of the Constitution Day

Ukraine is still a trend among foreign tourists

After a sensational last year's football championship, Ukraine still remains attractive for tourists from all over the world.

Kiev has become the most popular city for weekend tours among Russians

Nowadays, weekend tours have become increasingly popular. From Friday till Sunday travelers have a great opportunity to go sightseeing or have a rest without making out a full-fledged vacation

Top of the most interesting water parks in Ukraine

Though none of the Ukrainian cities cannot compete with the American Wisconsin Dells, which has 18 water parks, there are a lot of places for water extreme in Ukraine

Top 5 best beaches in Crimea

Crimea offers relaxing holiday swimming in the gentle sea as well as active one with jet skiing, scuba diving, excursions

One more Ukrainian attraction will be listed to UNESCO World Heritage

Chersonese Taurian can be included in the UNESCO list

Top destinations for summer holidays in Ukraine

Ukraine offers a rest in the country with magnificent Crimean Mountains, the caressing Black Sea with the magnificent peaks of the Carpathian Mountains